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The American Bar Association Law Practice Division and Legal Technology Resource Center offer opportunities to reach the top legal technology decision makers in the market place through various member resources. As you plan your marketing and sales goals, consider some of the unique opportunities to stand out in competitive year ahead.

Does your company have interest in the following marketing initiatives?

Law Practice Management Magazine:

  • Every issue receives bonus distribution at key ABA meetings and conferences
  • Almost 90% of readers are involved in the decision making process for equipment, software, supplies and services for their firms or organization
  • Almost 1/3 of readers have directly connected with an advertiser as a direct result of seeing an ad!

Thought Leadership:
If speaking and providing content is of interest, perhaps hosting a webinar would suit your needs. LTRC Webinars are captivating and position you and your company as an industry expert. 

Social Media:
In addition to providing an comprehensive advertising campaign, our Premium Solution Providers are given the opportunity to send social media through ABA LP channels.

Email Marketing:
What better way to reach members than through the e-newsletters they trust and subscribe to? Law Practice Today is a direct way to reach members through a resource they look forward to receiving each month! 

Advertising in LTRC's Law Technology Today includes a thought leadership blog, and is a great way to provide some timely content.

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